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Relying Solely On Se...

8 September, 2014 0

It was under the most unusual circumstances that I learned that proactively adopting good habits is far more effective in improving my eating habits than relying solely on what I call reactionary self-control.  In essence, if right before buying a candy bar, a friend offered you a fruit salad (that you previously purchased); I am sure that you would happily skip [...]Continue Reading

A Latte for your Tho...

4 September, 2014 1

With a full time job, and two young children, it is going to take all the energy I have to publish at least one post per week.  However, from time to time, I come across something that inspires me to jump into action. I will call these Flash Post! A dear friend and arguably America's most [...]Continue Reading

Good Food vs. Bad Fo...

31 August, 2014 0

So-called nutrition experts and diet gurus make billions spreading health confusion and fear.  They have convinced many of us that certain foods are good while others should be avoided at all costs.  Of course, according to them, purchasing their products is the only way to inoculate yourself from a life of poor health.  Just the [...]Continue Reading

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