Two Veggies Per Meal


Never in the history of mankind, has something so simple and so obvious been more ignored.

“Rule #1 NEVER Eat a Meal that Does Not Include at Least Two Vegetables and/or Fruits.”

I believe that you already know that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is the foundation for a healthy diet. I also believe that you already know that fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients vital to our health and well-being. Moreover, no one needs to be reminded that fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals and antioxidants which help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Simply put, you know darn-well that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is good for you.


So if we know that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is important; why according to study after study are most Americans not eating enough of them?

I believe that it is mainly because we have lost focus on what is really important.

“Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables. (Mama was right. End of story)”

Eat your fruits and vegetables, is such a simple message. Yet it has become muddled within a maze of conflicting diet advice, aspirational life-style movements and complicated food labeling.

I am sure you are familiar with some of the most popular themes; “Eat organic”, “Buy locally grown”, “Eat sustainable”, “Frequent your farmer’s market”, “Avoid genetically modified foods”; and the list goes on and on.

“Stop!!! Just because advice may have some benefit; doesn’t mean that it is right for you at this time!!!”

While noble, such recommendation inevitably place small barriers on eating fruits and vegetables.  Furthermore, why worry about feeding your kids organic tomatoes if the primary source is ketchup?  If you routinely skip the grocery store produce section; why add the farmer’s market to the mix.

I don’t want to belittle anyone (publicly ;o), but the numbers don’t lie. As a nation, we are not eating enough fruits and vegetables; period. So, before complicating our efforts with advance dietary instructions or concerning ourselves with the food delivering system, we need to focus on including no less than two vegetables and/or fruit with each meal.

I don’t care which vegetables you eat. I don’t care how often you eat the same fruits and vegetables. I don’t care how you prepare them. I don’t care what you add to them. Again, all that I care about is that your meals include at least two fruits and/or vegetables and that meals eaten at home weigh no more than ten ounces per plate.

I can picture the heads of the nutritionists and other experts exploding. I will deal with many of their concerns in later posts. Meanwhile, I want you to just focus on including no less than two vegetables and/or fruits with every meal, and prepare them the way that you like them.

Why at least two vegetables and/or fruits?

I will also explain this logic in later posts! I will however give you a hint:

“What We Eat is Based on How We Shop.”

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and cannot even spell nutritionist or dietitian, which in my opinion makes me overly qualified to share common sense healthy eating tips. However this blog is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for specific medical advice.


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